Esther 9

* The success of the Jews. (1-19) The feast of Purim in

remembrance of this. (20-32)1-19 The enemies of the Jews hoped to have power over them by

the former edict. If they had attempted nothing against the

people of God, they would not themselves have suffered. The

Jews, acting together, strengthened one another. Let us learn to

stand fast in one spirit, and with one mind, striving together

against the enemies of our souls, who endeavour to rob us of our

faith, which is more precious than our lives. The Jews, to the

honour of their religion, showed contempt of wordly wealth, that

they might make it appear they desired nothing except their own

preservation. In every case the people of God should manifest

humanity and disinterestedness, frequently refusing advantages

which might lawfully be obtained. The Jews celebrated their

festival the day after they had finished their work. When we

have received great mercies from God, we ought to be speedy in

making thankful returns to him.
20-32 The observance of the Jewish feasts, is a public

declaration of the truth of the Old Testament Scriptures. And as

the Old Testament Scriptures are true, the Messiah expected by

the Jews is come long ago; and none but Jesus of Nazareth can be

that Messiah. The festival was appointed by authority, yet under

the direction of the Spirit of God. It was called the feast of

Purim, from a Persian word, which signifies a lot. The name of

this festival would remind them of the almighty power of the God

of Israel, who served his own purposes by the superstitions of

the heathen. In reviewing our mercies, we should advert to

former fears and distresses. When our mercies are personal, we

should not by forgetfulness lose the comfort of them, or

withhold from the Lord the glory due to his name. May the Lord

teach us to rejoice, with that holy joy which anticipates and

prepares for the blessedness of heaven. Every instance of Divine

goodness to ourselves, is a new obligation laid on us to do

good, to those especially who most need our bounty. Above all,

redemption by Christ binds us to be merciful, #2Co 8:9|
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