Exodus 38

* The brazen altar and laver. (1-8) The court. (9-20) The

offerings of the people. (21-31)

1-8 In all ages of the church there have been some persons more

devoted to God, more constant in their attendance upon his

ordinances, and more willing to part even with lawful things,

for his sake, than others. Some women, devoted to God and

zealous for the tabernacle worship, expressed zeal by parting

with their mirrors, which were polished plates of brass. Before

the invention of looking-glasses, these served the same

9-20 The walls of the court being of curtains only, intimated

that the state of the Jewish church itself was movable and

changeable; and in due time to be taken down and folded up, when

the place of the tent should be enlarged, and its cords

lengthened, to make room for the Gentile world.
21-31 The foundation of massy pieces of silver showed the

solidity and purity of the truth upon which the church is

founded. Let us regard the Lord Jesus Christ while reading of

the furniture of the tabernacle. While looking at the altar of

burnt-offering, let us see Jesus. In him, his righteousness, and

salvation, is a full and sufficient offering for sin. In the

laver of regeneration, by his Holy Spirit, let our souls be

washed, and they shall be clean; and as the people offered

willingly, so may our souls be made willing. Let us be ready to

part with any thing, and count all but loss to win Christ.
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