Exodus 40

* The tabernacle is to be set up, Aaron and his sons to be

sanctified. (1-15) Moses performs all as directed. (16-33) The

glory of the Lord fills the tabernacle. (34-38)

1-15 When a new year begins, we should seek to serve God better

than the year before. In half a year the tabernacle was

completed. When the hearts of numbers are earnest in a good

cause, much may be done in a short time; and when the

commandments of God are continually attended to, as the rule of

working, all will be done well. The high-priesthood was in the

family of Aaron till Christ came, and in Him, the substance of

all these shadows, it continues for ever.
16-33 When the tabernacle and the furniture of it were

prepared, they did not put off rearing it till they came to

Canaan; but, in obedience to the will of God, they set it up in

the midst of their camp. Those who are unsettled in the world,

must not think that this will excuse want of religion; as if it

were enough to begin to serve God when they begin to be settled

in the world. No; a tabernacle for God is very needful, even in

a wilderness, especially as we may be in another world before we

come to fix in this. And we may justly fear lest we should

deceive ourselves with a form of godliness. The thought that so

few entered Canaan, should warn young persons especially, not to

put off the care of their souls.
34-38 The cloud covered the tabernacle even in the clearest

day; it was not a cloud which the sun scatters. This cloud was a

token of God's presence to be seen day and night, by all Israel,

that they might never again question, Is the Lord among us, or

is he not? It guided the camp of Israel through the wilderness.

While the cloud rested on the tabernacle, they rested; when it

removed, they followed it. The glory of the Lord filled the

tabernacle. In light and fire the Shechinah made itself visible:

God is Light; our God is a consuming Fire. Yet so dazzling was

the light, and so dreadful the fire, that Moses was not able to

enter into the tent of the congregation, till the splendour was

abated. But what Moses could not do, our Lord Jesus has done,

whom God caused to draw near; and who has invited us to come

boldly, even to the mercy-seat. Being taught by the Holy Spirit

to follow the example of Christ, as well as to depend upon him,

to attend his ordinances, and obey his precepts, we shall be

kept from losing our way, and be led in the midst of the paths

of judgment, till we come to heaven, the habitation of his

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