Ezekiel 16

* A parable showing the first low estate of the Jewish nation,

its prosperity, idolatries, and punishment.

1-58 In this chapter God's dealings with the Jewish nation, and

their conduct towards him, are described, and their punishment

through the surrounding nations, even those they most trusted

in. This is done under the parable of an exposed infant rescued

from death, educated, espoused, and richly provided for, but

afterwards guilty of the most abandoned conduct, and punished

for it; yet at last received into favour, and ashamed of her

base conduct. We are not to judge of these expressions by modern

ideas, but by those of the times and places in which they were

used, where many of them would not sound as they do to us. The

design was to raise hatred to idolatry, and such a parable was

well suited for that purpose.
59-63 After a full warning of judgments, mercy is remembered,

mercy is reserved. These closing verses are a precious promise,

in part fulfilled at the return of the penitent and reformed

Jews out of Babylon, but to have fuller accomplishment in gospel

times. The Divine mercy should be powerful to melt our hearts

into godly sorrow for sin. Nor will God ever leave the sinner to

perish, who is humbled for his sins, and comes to trust in His

mercy and grace through Jesus Christ; but will keep him by his

power, through faith unto salvation.

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