Ezekiel 19

* A parable lamenting the ruin of Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim. (1-9)

Another describing the desolation of the people. (10-14)

1-9 Ezekiel is to compare the kingdom of Judah to a lioness. He

must compare the kings of Judah to a lion's whelps; they were

cruel and oppressive to their own subjects. The righteousness of

God is to be acknowledged, when those who have terrified and

enslaved others, are themselves terrified and enslaved. When

professors of religion form connexions with ungodly persons,

their children usually grow up following after the maxims and

fashions of a wicked world. Advancement to authority discovers

the ambition and selfishness of men's hearts; and those who

spend their lives in mischief, generally end them by violence.
10-14 Jerusalem was a vine, flourishing and fruitful. This vine

is now destroyed, though not plucked up by the roots. She has by

wickedness made herself like tinder to the sparks of God's

wrath, so that her own branches serve as fuel to burn her.

Blessed be God, one Branch of the vine here alluded to, is not

only become a strong rod for the sceptre of those that rule, but

is Himself the true and living Vine. This shall be for a

rejoicing to all the chosen people of God throughout all


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