Ezekiel 22

* The sins of Jerusalem. (1-16) Israel is condemned as dross.

(17-22) As the corruption is general, so shall be the

punishment. (23-31)

1-16 The prophet is to judge the bloody city; the city of

bloods. Jerusalem is so called, because of her crimes. The sins

which Jerusalem stands charged with, are exceeding sinful.

Murder, idolatry, disobedience to parents, oppression and

extortion, profanation of the sabbath and holy things, seventh

commandment sins, lewdness and adultery. Unmindfulness of God

was at the bottom of all this wickedness. Sinners provoke God

because they forget him. Jerusalem has filled the measure of her

sins. Those who give up themselves to be ruled by their lusts,

will justly be given up to be portioned by them. Those who

resolve to be their own masters, let them expect no other

happiness than their own hands can furnish; and a miserable

portion it will prove.
17-22 Israel, compared with other nations, had been as the gold

and silver compared with baser metals. But they were now as the

refuse that is consumed in the furnace, or thrown away when the

silver is refined. Sinners, especially backsliding professors,

are, in God's account, useless and fit for nothing. When God

brings his own people into the furnace, he sits by them as the

refiner by his gold, to see that they are not continued there

any longer than is fitting and needful. The dross shall be

wholly separated, and the good metal purified. Let those who

suffer pains, or lingering sickness, and find that their hearts

can scarcely bear these light and momentary afflictions, take

warning to flee from the wrath to come; for if these trials are

not sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the cleansing

their hearts and hands from sin, far worse things will come upon

23-31 All orders and degrees of men had helped to fill the

measure of the nation's guilt. The people that had any power

abused it, and even the buyers and sellers find some way to

oppress one another. It bodes ill to a people when judgments are

breaking in upon them, and the spirit of prayer is restrained.

Let all who fear God, unite to promote his truth and

righteousness; as wicked men of every rank and profession plot

together to run them down.

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