Ezekiel 24

* The fate of Jerusalem. (1-14) The extent of the sufferings of

the Jews. (15-27)

1-14 The pot on the fire represented Jerusalem besieged by the

Chaldeans: all orders and ranks were within the walls, prepared

as a prey for the enemy. They ought to have put away their

transgressions, as the scum, which rises by the heat of the

fire, is taken from the top of the pot. But they grew worse, and

their miseries increased. Jerusalem was to be levelled with the

ground. The time appointed for the punishment of wicked men may

seem to come slowly, but it will come surely. It is sad to think

how many there are, on whom ordinances and providences are all

15-27 Though mourning for the dead is a duty, yet it must be

kept under by religion and right reason: we must not sorrow as

men that have no hope. Believers must not copy the language and

expressions of those who know not God. The people asked the

meaning of the sign. God takes from them all that was dearest to

them. And as Ezekiel wept not for his affliction, so neither

should they weep for theirs. Blessed be God, we need not pine

away under our afflictions; for should all comforts fail, and

all sorrows be united, yet the broken heart and the mourner's

prayer are always acceptable before God.

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