Ezekiel 34

* The rulers reproved. (1-6) The people are to be restored to

their own land. (7-16) The kingdom of Christ. (17-31)

1-6 The people became as sheep without a shepherd, were given

up as a prey to their enemies, and the land was utterly

desolated. No rank or office can exempt from the reproofs of

God's word, men who neglect their duty, and abuse the trust

reposed in them.
7-16 The Lord declared that he intended mercy towards the

scattered flock. Doubtless this, in the first place, had

reference to the restoration of the Jews. It also represented

the good Shepherd's tender care of the souls of his people. He

finds them in their days of darkness and ignorance, and brings

them to his fold. He comes to their relief in times of

persecution and temptation. He leads them in the ways of

righteousness, and causes them to rest on his love and

faithfulness. The proud and self-sufficient, are enemies of the

true gospel and of believers; against such we must guard. He has

rest for disquieted saints, and terror for presumptuous sinners.
17-31 The whole nation seemed to be the Lord's flock, yet they

were very different characters; but he knew how to distinguish

between them. By good pastures and deep waters, are meant the

pure word of God and the dispensing of justice. The latter

verses, #23-31|, prophesy of Christ, and of the most glorious

times of his church on earth. Under Him, as the good Shepherd,

the church would be a blessing to all around. Christ, though

excellent in himself, was as a tender plant out of a dry ground.

Being the Tree of life, bearing all the fruits of salvation, he

yields spiritual food to the souls of his people. Our constant

desire and prayer should be, that there may be showers of

blessings in every place where the truth of Christ is preached;

and that all who profess the gospel may be filled with fruits of


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