Ezekiel 38

* The army and malice of Gog. (1-13) God's judgments. (14-23)

1-13 These events will be in the latter days. It is supposed

these enemies will come together to invade the land of Judea,

and God will defeat them. God not only sees who are now the

enemies of his church, but he foresees who will be so, and lets

them know by his word that he is against them; though they join

together, the wicked shall not be unpunished.
14-23 The enemy should make a formidable descent upon the land

of Israel. When Israel dwell safely under the Divine protection,

shalt not thou be made to know it by finding that endeavours to

destroy them are made in vain? Promises of security are

treasured up in the word of God, against the troubles and

dangers the church may be brought into in the latter days. In

the destruction of sinners, God makes it appear that he is a

great and holy God. We should desire and pray daily. Father,

glorify thine own name.

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