Ezekiel 5

* A type of hair, showing the judgments about to come upon the

Jews. (1-4) These awful judgments are declared. (5-17)

1-4 The prophet must shave off the hair of his head and beard,

which signifies God's utter rejecting and abandoning that

people. One part must be burned in the midst of the city,

denoting the multitudes that should perish by famine and

pestilence. Another part was to be cut in pieces, representing

the many who were slain by the sword. Another part was to be

scattered in the wind, denoting the carrying away of some into

the land of the conqueror, and the flight of others into the

neighbouring countries for shelter. A small quantity of the

third portion was to be bound in his shirts, as that of which he

is very careful. But few were reserved. To whatever refuge

sinners flee, the fire and sword of God's wrath will consume

5-17 The sentence passed upon Jerusalem is very dreadful, the

manner of expression makes it still more so. Who is able to

stand in God's sight when he is angry? Those who live and die

impenitent, will perish for ever unpitied; there is a day coming

when the Lord will not spare. Let not persons or churches, who

change the Lord's statutes, expect to escape the doom of

Jerusalem. Let us endeavour to adorn the doctrine of God our

Saviour in all things. Sooner or later God's word will prove

itself true.

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