Ezekiel 6

* The Divine judgments for idolatry. (1-7) A remnant shall be

saved. (8-10) The calamities are to be lamented. (11-14)

#1-7. War desolates persons, places, and things esteemed most

sacred. God ruins idolatries even by the hands of idolaters. It

is just with God to make that a desolation, which we make an

idol. The superstitions to which many trust for safety, often

cause their ruin. And the day is at hand, when idols and

idolatry will be as thoroughly destroyed from the professedly

Christian church as they were from among the Jews.8-10 A remnant of Israel should be left; at length they should

remember the Lord, their obligations to him, and rebellion

against him. True penitents see sin to be that abominable thing

which the Lord hates. Those who truly loathe sin, loathe

themselves because of sin. They give glory to God by their

repentance. Whatever brings men to remember Him, and their sins

against him, should be regarded as a blessing.
11-14 It is our duty to be affected, not only with our own sins

and sufferings, but to look with compassion upon the miseries

wicked people bring upon themselves. Sin is a desolating thing;

therefore, stand in awe, and sin not. If we know the worth of

souls, and the danger to which unbelievers are exposed, we shall

deem every sinner who takes refuge in Jesus from the wrath to

come, an abundant recompence for all contempt or opposition we

may meet with.

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