Ezra 2

* The numbers that returned. (1-35) The numbers of the priests

and Levites. (36-63) The offerings for the temple. (64-70)

1-35 An account was kept of the families that came up out of

captivity. See how sin lowers a nation, which righteousness

would exalt!
36-63 Those who undervalue their relation to the Lord in times

of reproach, persecution, or distress, will have no benefit from

it when it becomes honourable or profitable. Those who have no

evidence that they are, by the new birth, spiritual priests unto

God, through Jesus Christ, have no right to the comforts and

privileges of Christians.
64-70 Let none complain of the needful expenses of their

religion. Seek first the kingdom of God, his favour and his

glory, then will all other things be added unto them. Their

offerings were nothing, compared with the offerings of the

princes in David's time; yet, being according to their ability,

were as acceptable to God. The Lord will carry us through all

undertakings entered on according to his will, with an aim to

his glory, and dependence on his assistance. Those who, at the

call of the gospel, renounce sin and return to the Lord, shall

be guarded and guided through all perils of the way, and arrive

safely at the mansions provided in the holy city of God.

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