Ezra 4

* The adversaries of the temple. (1-5) The building of the

temple is hindered. (6-24)

1-5 Every attempt to revive true religion will stir up the

opposition of Satan, and of those in whom he works. The

adversaries were the Samaritans, who had been planted in the

land of Israel, #2Ki 17|. It was plain that they did not mean to

unite in the worship of the Lord, according to his word. Let

those who discourage a good work, and weaken them that are

employed in it, see whose pattern they follow.
6-24 It is an old slander, that the prosperity of the church

would be hurtful to kings and princes. Nothing can be more

false, for true godliness teaches us to honour and obey our

sovereign. But where the command of God requires one thing and

the law of the land another, we must obey God rather than man,

and patiently submit to the consequences. All who love the

gospel should avoid all appearance of evil, lest they should

encourage the adversaries of the church. The world is ever ready

to believe any accusation against the people of God, and refuses

to listen to them. The king suffered himself to be imposed upon

by these frauds and falsehoods. Princes see and hear with other

men's eyes and ears, and judge things as represented to them,

which are often done falsely. But God's judgment is just; he

sees things as they are.

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