Ezra 5

* The leaders forward the building of the temple. (1,2) letter

against the Jews. (3-17)

1,2 The building of the temple was stopped about fifteen years.

Then they had two good ministers, who urged them to go on with

the work. It is a sign that God has mercy in store for a people,

when he raises up prophets to be helpers in the way and work of

God, as guides, overseers, and rulers. In Haggai, we see what

great things God does by his word, which he magnifies above all

his name, and by his Spirit working with it.
3-17 While employed in God's work, we are under his special

protection; his eye is upon us for good. This should keep us to

our duty, and encourage us therein, when difficulties are ever

so discouraging. The elders of the Jews gave the Samaritans an

account of their proceedings. Let us learn hence, with meekness

and fear, to give a reason of the hope that is in us; let us

rightly understand, and then readily declare, what we do in

God's service, and why we do it. And while in this world, we

always shall have to confess, that our sins have provoked the

wrath of God. All our sufferings spring from thence, and all our

comforts from his unmerited mercy. However the work may seem to

be hindered, yet the Lord Jesus Christ is carrying it on, his

people are growing unto a holy temple in the Lord, for a

habitation of God through the Spirit.

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