Ezra 7

* Ezra goes up to Jerusalem. (1-10) The commission to Ezra.

(11-26) Ezra blesses God for his favour. (27,28)

1-10 Ezra went from Babylon to Jerusalem, for the good of his

country. The king was kind to him; he granted all his requests,

whatever Ezra desired to enable him to serve his country. When

he went, many went with him; he obtained favour from his king,

by the Divine favour. Every creature is that to us, which God

makes it to be. We must see the hand of God in the events that

befal us, and acknowledge him with thankfulness.
11-26 The liberality of heathen kings to support the worship of

God, reproached the conduct of many kings of Judah, and will

rise up in judgment against the covetousness of wealthy

professed Christians, who will not promote the cause of God. But

the weapons of Christian ministers are not carnal. Faithful

preaching, holy lives, fervent prayers, and patient suffering

when called to it, are the means to bring men into obedience to

27,28 Two things Ezra blessed God for: 1. For his commission.

If any good appear in our hearts, or in the hearts of others, we

must own that God put it there, and bless him; it is he that

worketh in us, both to will and to do that which is good. 2. For

his encouragement: God has extended mercy to me. Ezra was a man

of courage, yet he ascribed this not to his own heart, but to

God's hand. If God give us his hand, we are bold and cheerful;

if he withdraw it, we are weak as water. Whatever we are enabled

to do for God and those around us, God must have all the glory.

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