Ezra 9

* Ezra mourns for the Jews' conduct. (1-4) Ezra's confession of

sins. (5-15)

1-4 Many corruptions lurk out of the view of the most careful

rulers. Some of the people disobeyed the express command of God,

which forbade all marriages with the heathen, #De 7|. Disbelief

of God's all-sufficiency, is at the bottom of the sorry shifts

we make to help ourselves. They exposed themselves and their

children to the peril of idolatry, that had ruined their church

and nation. Carnal professors may make light of such connexions,

and try to explain away the exhortations to be separate; but

those who are best acquainted with the word of God, will treat

the subject in another manner. They must forebode the worst from

such unions. The evils excused, and even pleaded for; by many

professors, astonish and cause regret in the true believer. All

who profess to be God's people, ought to strengthen those that

appear and act against vice and profaneness.
5-15 The sacrifice, especially the evening sacrifice, was a

type of the blessed Lamb of God, who in the evening of the

world, was to take away sin by the sacrifice of himself. Ezra's

address is a penitent confession of sin, the sin of his people.

But let this be the comfort of true penitents, that though their

sins reach to the heavens, God's mercy is in the heavens. Ezra,

speaking of sin, speaks as one much ashamed. Holy shame is as

necessary in true repentance as holy sorrow. Ezra speaks as much

amazed. The discoveries of guilt cause amazement; the more we

think of sin, the worse it looks. Say, God be merciful to me

sinner. Ezra speaks as one much afraid. There is not a surer or

saddler presage of ruin, than turning to sin, after great

judgments, and great deliverances. Every one in the church of

God, has to wonder that he has not wearied out the Lord's

patience, and brought destruction upon himself. What then must

be the case of the ungodly? But though the true penitent has

nothing to plead in his own behalf, the heavenly Advocate pleads

most powerfully for him.

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