Isaiah 14

* The destruction of Babylon, and the death of its proud

monarch. (1-23) Assurance of the destruction of Assyria. (24-27)

The destruction of the Philistines. (28-32)

1-23 The whole plan of Divine Providence is arranged with a

view to the good of the people of God. A settlement in the land

of promise is of God's mercy. Let the church receive those whom

God receives. God's people, wherever their lot is cast, should

endeavour to recommend religion by a right and winning

conversation. Those that would not be reconciled to them, should

be humbled by them. This may be applied to the success of the

gospel, when those were brought to obey it who had opposed it.

God himself undertakes to work a blessed change. They shall have

rest from their sorrow and fear, the sense of their present

burdens, and the dread of worse. Babylon abounded in riches. The

king of Babylon having the absolute command of so much wealth,

by the help of it ruled the nations. This refers especially to

the people of the Jews; and it filled up the measure of the king

of Babylon's sins. Tyrants sacrifice their true interest to

their lusts and passions. It is gracious ambition to covet to be

like the Most Holy, for he has said, Be ye holy, for I am holy;

but it is sinful ambition to aim to be like the Most High, for

he has said, He who exalts himself shall be abased. The devil

thus drew our first parents to sin. Utter ruin should be brought

upon him. Those that will not cease to sin, God will make to

cease. He should be slain, and go down to the grave; this is the

common fate of tyrants. True glory, that is, true grace, will go

up with the soul to heaven, but vain pomp will go down with the

body to the grave; there is an end of it. To be denied burial,

if for righteousness' sake, may be rejoiced in, #Mt 5:12|. But

if the just punishment of sin, it denotes that impenitent

sinners shall rise to everlasting shame and contempt. Many

triumphs should be in his fall. God will reckon with those that

disturb the peace of mankind. The receiving the king of Babylon

into the regions of the dead, shows there is a world of spirits,

to which the souls of men remove at death. And that souls have

converse with each other, though we have none with them; and

that death and hell will be death and hell indeed, to all who

fall unholy, from the height of this world's pomps, and the

fulness of its pleasures. Learn from all this, that the seed of

evil-doers shall never be renowned. The royal city is to be

ruined and forsaken. Thus the utter destruction of the New

Testament Babylon is illustrated, #Re 18:2|. When a people will

not be made clean with the besom of reformation, what can they

expect but to be swept off the face of the earth with the besom

of destruction?
24-27 Let those that make themselves a yoke and a burden to

God's people, see what they are to expect. Let those that are

the called according to God's purpose, comfort themselves, that

whatever God has purposed, it shall stand. The Lord of hosts has

purposed to break the Assyrian's yoke; his hand is stretched out

to execute this purpose; who has power to turn it back? By such

dispensations of providence, the Almighty shows in the most

convincing manner, that sin is hateful in his sight.
28-32 Assurance is given of the destruction of the Philistines

and their power, by famine and war. Hezekiah would be more

terrible to them than Uzziah had been. Instead of rejoicing,

there would be lamentation, for the whole land would be ruined.

Such destruction will come upon the proud and rebellious, but

the Lord founded Zion for a refuge to poor sinners, who flee

from the wrath to come, and trust in his mercy through Christ

Jesus. Let us tell all around of our comforts and security, and

exhort them to seek the same refuge and salvation.

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