Isaiah 16

* Moab is exhorted to yield obedience. (1-5) The pride and the

judgments of Moab. (6-14)

1-5 God tells sinners what they may do to prevent ruin; so he

does to Moab. Let them send the tribute they formerly engaged to

pay to Judah. Take it as good advice. Break off thy sins by

righteousness, it may lengthen thy quiet. And this may be

applied to the great gospel duty of submission to Christ. Send

him the lamb, the best you have, yourselves a living sacrifice.

When you come to God, the great Ruler, come in the name of the

Lamb, the Lamb of God. Those who will not submit to Christ,

shall be as a bird that wanders from her nest, which shall be

snatched up by the next bird of prey. Those who will not yield

to the fear of God, shall be made to yield to the fear of every

thing else. He advises them to be kind to the seed of Israel.

Those that expect to find favour when in trouble themselves,

must show favour to those in trouble. What is here said

concerning the throne of Hezekiah, also belongs, in a much

higher sense, to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Though by

subjection to Him we may not enjoy worldly riches or honours,

but may be exposed to poverty and contempt, we shall have peace

of conscience and eternal life.
6-14 Those who will not be counselled, cannot be helped. More

souls are ruined by pride than by any other sin whatever. Also,

the very proud are commonly very passionate. With lies many seek

to gain the gratification of pride and passion, but they shall

not compass proud and angry projects. Moab was famous for fields

and vineyards; but they shall be laid waste by the invading

army. God can soon turn laughter into mourning, and joy into

heaviness. In God let us always rejoice with holy triumph; in

earthly things let us always rejoice with holy trembling. The

prophet looks with concern on the desolations of such a pleasant

country; it causes inward grief. The false gods of Moab are

unable to help; and the God of Israel, the only true God, can

and will make good what he has spoken. Let Moab know her ruin is

very near, and prepare. The most awful declarations of Divine

wrath, discover the way of escape to those who take warning.

There is no escape, but by submission to the Son of David, and

devoting ourselves to him. And, at length, when the appointed

time comes, all the glory, prosperity, and multitude of the

wicked shall perish.

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