Isaiah 19

* Judgments upon Egypt. (1-17) Its deliverance, and the

conversion of the people. (18-25)

1-17 God shall come into Egypt with his judgments. He will

raise up the causes of their destruction from among themselves.

When ungodly men escape danger, they are apt to think themselves

secure; but evil pursues sinners, and will speedily overtake

them, except they repent. The Egyptians will be given over into

the hand of one who shall rule them with rigour, as was shortly

after fulfilled. The Egyptians were renowned for wisdom and

science; yet the Lord would give them up to their own perverse

schemes, and to quarrel, till their land would be brought by

their contests to become an object of contempt and pity. He

renders sinners afraid of those whom they have despised and

oppressed; and the Lord of hosts will make the workers of

iniquity a terror to themselves, and to each other; and every

object around a terror to them.
18-25 The words, "In that day," do not always refer to the

passage just before. At a time which was to come, the Egyptians

shall speak the holy language, the Scripture language; not only

understand it, but use it. Converting grace, by changing the

heart, changes the language; for out of the abundance of the

heart the mouth speaks. So many Jews shall come to Egypt, that

they shall soon fill five cities. Where the sun was worshipped,

a place infamous for idolatry, even there shall be a wonderful

reformation. Christ, the great Altar, who sanctifies every gift,

shall be owned, and the gospel sacrifices of prayer and praise

shall be offered up. Let the broken-hearted and afflicted, whom

the Lord has wounded, and thus taught to return to, and call

upon him, take courage; for He will heal their souls, and turn

their sorrowing supplications into joyful praises. The Gentile

nations shall not only unite with each other in the gospel fold

under Christ, the great Shepherd, but they shall all be united

with the Jews. They shall be owned together by him; they shall

all share in one and the same blessing. Meeting at the same

throne of grace, and serving with each other in the same

business of religion, should end all disputes, and unite the

hearts of believers to each other in holy love.

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