Isaiah 23

* The overthrow of Tyre. (1-14) It is established again. (15-18)

1-14 Tyre was the mart of the nations. She was noted for mirth

and diversions; and this made her loth to consider the warnings

God gave by his servants. Her merchants were princes, and lived

like princes. Tyre being destroyed and laid waste, the merchants

should abandon her. Flee to shift for thine own safety; but

those that are uneasy in one place, will be so in another; for

when God's judgments pursue sinners, they will overtake them.

Whence shall all this trouble come? It is a destruction from the

Almighty. God designed to convince men of the vanity and

uncertainty of all earthly glory. Let the ruin of Tyre warn all

places and persons to take heed of pride; for he who exalts

himself shall be abased. God will do it, who has all power in

his hand; but the Chaldeans shall be the instruments.
15-18 The desolations of Tyre were not to be for ever. The Lord

will visit Tyre in mercy. But when set at liberty, she will use

her old arts of temptation. The love of worldly wealth is

spiritual idolatry; and covetousness is spiritual idolatry. This

directs those that have wealth, to use it in the service of God.

When we abide with God in our worldly callings, when we do all

in our power to further the gospel, then our merchandise and

hire are holiness to the Lord, if we look to his glory.

Christians should carry on business as God's servants, and use

riches as his stewards.
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