Isaiah 3

* The calamities about to come upon the land. (1-9) The

wickedness of the people. (10-15) The distress of the proud,

luxurious women of Zion. (16-26)

1-9 God was about to deprive Judah of every stay and support.

The city and the land were to be made desolate, because their

words and works had been rebellious against the Lord; even at

his holy temple. If men do not stay themselves upon God, he will

soon remove all other supports, and then they must sink. Christ

is the Bread of life and the Water of life; if he be our Stay,

we shall find that is a good part not to be taken away, #Joh

6:27|. Here note, 1. That the condition of sinners is

exceedingly woful. 2. It is the soul that is damaged by sin. 3.

Whatever evil befals sinners, be sure that they bring it on

10-15 The rule was certain; however there might be national

prosperity or trouble, it would be well with the righteous and

ill with the wicked. Blessed be God, there is abundant

encouragement to the righteous to trust in him, and for sinners

to repent and return to him. It was time for the Lord to show

his might. He will call men to a strict account for all the

wealth and power intrusted to and abused by them. If it is

sinful to disregard the necessities of the poor, how odious and

wicked a part do they act, who bring men into poverty, and then

oppress them!
16-26 The prophet reproves and warns the daughters of Zion of

the sufferings coming upon them. Let them know that God notices

the folly and vanity of proud women, even of their dress. The

punishments threatened answered the sin. Loathsome diseases

often are the just punishment of pride. It is not material to

ask what sort of ornaments they wore; many of these things, if

they had not been in fashion, would have been ridiculed then as

now. Their fashions differed much from those of our times, but

human nature is the same. Wasting time and money, to the neglect

of piety, charity, and even of justice, displease the Lord. Many

professors at the present day, seem to think there is no harm in

worldly finery; but were it not a great evil, would the Holy

Spirit have taught the prophet to expose it so fully? The Jews

being overcome, Jerusalem would be levelled with the ground;

which is represented under the idea of a desolate female seated

upon the earth. And when the Romans had destroyed Jerusalem,

they struck a medal, on which was represented a woman sitting on

the ground in a posture of grief. If sin be harboured within the

walls, lamentation and mourning are near the gates.

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