Isaiah 34

* God's vengeance against the enemies of his church. (1-8) Their

desolation. (9-17)

1-8 Here is a prophecy of the wars of the Lord, all which are

both righteous and successful. All nations are concerned. And as

they have all had the benefit of his patience, so all must

expect to feel his resentment. The description of bloodshed

suggests tremendous ideas of the Divine judgments. Idumea here

denotes the nations at enmity with the church; also the kingdom

of antichrist. Our thoughts cannot reach the horrors of that

awful season, to those found opposing the church of Christ.

There is a time fixed in the Divine counsels for the deliverance

of the church, and the destruction of her enemies. We must

patiently wait till then, and judge nothing before the time.

Through Christ, mercy is exercised to every believer,

consistently with justice, and his name is glorified.
9-17 Those who aim to ruin the church, can never do that, but

will ruin themselves. What dismal changes sin can make! It turns

a fruitful land into barrenness, a crowded city into a

wilderness. Let us compare all we discover in the book of the

Lord, with the dealings of providence around us, that we may be

more diligent in seeking the kingdom of God and his

righteousness. What the mouth of the Lord has commanded, his

Spirit will perform. And let us observe how the evidences of the

truth continually increase, as one prophecy after another is

fulfilled, until these awful scenes bring in more happy days. As

Israel was a figure of the Christian church, so the Edomites,

their bitter enemies, represent the enemies of the kingdom of

Christ. God's Jerusalem may be laid in ruins for a time, but the

enemies of the church shall be desolate for ever.

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