Isaiah 38

* Hezekiah's sickness and recovery. (1-8) His thanksgiving.


1-8 When we pray in our sickness, though God send not to us

such an answer as he here sent to Hezekiah, yet, if by his

Spirit he bids us be of good cheer, assures us that our sins are

forgiven, and that, whether we live or die, we shall be his, we

do not pray in vain. See #2Ki 20:1-11|.
9-22 We have here Hezekiah's thanksgiving. It is well for us to

remember the mercies we receive in sickness. Hezekiah records

the condition he was in. He dwells upon this; I shall no more

see the Lord. A good man wishes not to live for any other end

than that he may serve God, and have communion with him. Our

present residence is like that of a shepherd in his hut, a poor,

mean, and cold lodging, and with a trust committed to our

charge, as the shepherd has. Our days are compared to the

weaver's shuttle, #Job 7:6|, passing and repassing very swiftly,

every throw leaving a thread behind it; and when finished, the

piece is cut off, taken out of the loom, and showed to our

Master to be judged of. A good man, when his life is cut off,

his cares and fatigues are cut off with it, and he rests from

his labours. But our times are in God's hand; he has appointed

what shall be the length of the piece. When sick, we are very

apt to calculate our time, but are still at uncertainty. It

should be more our care how we shall get safe to another world.

And the more we taste of the loving-kindness of God, the more

will our hearts love him, and live to him. It was in love to our

poor perishing souls that Christ delivered them. The pardon does

not make the sin not to have been sin, but not to be punished as

it deserves. It is pleasant to think of our recoveries from

sickness, when we see them flowing from the pardon of sin.

Hezekiah's opportunity to glorify God in this world, he made the

business, and pleasure, and end of life. Being recovered, he

resolves to abound in praising and serving God. God's promises

are not to do away, but to quicken and encourage the use of

means. Life and health are given that we may glorify God and do


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