Isaiah 47

* God's judgments on Babylon. (1-6) Carelessness and confidence

shall not prevent the evil. (7-15)

1-6 Babylon is represented under the emblem of a female in deep

distress. She was to be degraded and endure sufferings; and is

represented sitting on the ground, grinding at the handmill, the

lowest and most laborious service. God was righteous in his

vengeance, and none should interpose. The prophet exults in the

Lord of hosts, as the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel. God often

permits wicked men to prevail against his people; but those who

cruelly oppress them will be punished.
7-15 Let us beware of acting and speaking as Babylon did; of

trusting in tyranny and oppression; of boasting as to our

abilities, relying on ourselves, and ascribing success to our

own prudence and wisdom; lest we partake of her plagues. Those

in the height of prosperity, are apt to fancy themselves out of

the reach of adversity. It is also common for sinners to think

they shall be safe, because they think to be secret in wicked

ways. But their security shall be their ruin. Let us draw from

such passages as the foregoing, those lessons of humility and

trust in God which they convey. If we believe the word of God,

we may know how it will be with the righteous and the wicked to

all eternity. We may learn how to escape the wrath to come, to

glorify God, to have peace through life, hope in death, and

everlasting happiness. Let us then stand aloof from all


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