Isaiah 52

* The welcome news of Christ's kingdom. (1-12) The humiliation

of the Messiah. (13-15)

1-12 The gospel proclaims liberty to those bound with fears.

Let those weary and heavy laden under the burden of sin, find

relief in Christ, shake themselves from the dust of their doubts

and fears, and loose themselves from those bands. The price paid

by the Redeemer for our salvation, was not silver or gold, or

corruptible things, but his own precious blood. Considering the

freeness of this salvation, and how hurtful to temporal comfort

sins are, we shall more value the redemption which is in Christ.

Do we seek victory over every sin, recollecting that the glory

of God requires holiness in every follower of Christ? The good

news is, that the Lord Jesus reigns. Christ himself brought

these tidings first. His ministers proclaim these good tidings:

keeping themselves clean from the pollutions of the world, they

are beautiful to those to whom they are sent. Zion's watchmen

could scarcely discern any thing of God's favour through the

dark cloud of their afflictions; but now the cloud is scattered,

they shall plainly see the performance. Zion's waste places

shall then rejoice; all the world will have the benefit. This is

applied to our salvation by Christ. Babylon is no place for

Israelites. And it is a call to all in the bondage of sin and

Satan, to use the liberty Christ has proclaimed. They were to go

with diligent haste, not to lose time nor linger; but they were

not to go with distrustful haste. Those in the way of duty, are

under God's special protection; and he that believes this, will

not hasten for fear.
13-15 Here begins that wonderful, minute, and faithful

description of the office, character, and glory of the Messiah,

which has struck conviction to many of the most hardened

unbelievers. Christ is Wisdom itself; in the work of our

redemption there appeared the wisdom of God in a mystery. Those

that saw him, said, Surely never man looked so miserable: never

was sorrow like unto his sorrow. But God highly exalted him.

That shall be discovered by the gospel of Christ, which could

never be told in any other way. And Christ having once shed his

blood for sinners, its power still continues. May all opposers

see the wisdom of ceasing from their opposition, and be made

partakers of the blood of sprinkling, and the baptism of the

Holy Ghost; obeying him, and praising his salvation.

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