Isaiah 55

* An invitation to receive freely the blessings of the Saviour.

(1-5) Gracious offers of pardon and peace. (6-13)

1-5 All are welcome to the blessings of salvation, to whom

those blessings are welcome. In Christ there is enough for all,

and enough for each. Those satisfied with the world, that see no

need of Christ, do not thirst. They are in no uneasiness about

their souls: but where God gives grace, he gives a thirst after

it; and where he has given a thirst after it, he will give it.

Come to Christ, for he is the Fountain opened, he is the Rock

smitten. Come to holy ordinances, to the streams that make glad

the city of our God. Come to the healing waters, come to the

living waters, #Re 22:17|. Our Saviour referred to this, #Joh

7:37|. Come, and buy; make it your own by application of the

grace of the gospel to yourselves. Come, and eat; make it still

more your own, and enjoy it. The world comes short of our

expectations; we promise ourselves, at least, water in it, and

we are disappointed; but Christ outdoes our expectations. We

come to him, and we find wine and milk. The gifts offered to us

are such as no price can be set upon. The things offered are

already paid for; for Christ purchased them at the full price of

his own blood, #1Pe 1:19|. Our wants are beyond number, and we

have nothing to supply them; if Christ and heaven are ours, we

see ourselves for ever indebted to free grace. Hearken

diligently; let the proud heart stoop; not only come, but accept

God's offers. All the wealth and pleasure in the world, will not

yield solid comfort and content to the soul. They do not satisfy

even the appetites of the body; for all is vanity and vexation.

Let the disappointments we meet with in the world, help to drive

us to Christ, and to seek for satisfaction in him only. Then,

and not before, we shall find rest for our souls. Hear, and your

soul shall live. On what easy terms is happiness offered us! By

the sure mercies of David, we are to understand the Messiah. All

his mercies are covenant mercies; they are purchased by him,

they are promised in him, and out of his hand they are dispensed

to us. We know not how to find the way to the waters, but Christ

is given to be a Leader, a Commander, to show us what to do, and

enable us to do it. Our business is to obey him, and follow him.

And there is no coming to the Father but by him. He is the Holy

One of Israel, true to his promises; and he has promised to

glorify Christ, by giving him the heathen for his inheritance.
6-13 Here is a gracious offer of pardon, and peace, and of all

happiness. It shall not be in vain to seek God, now his word is

calling to us, and his Spirit is striving with us. But there is

a day coming when he will not be found. There may come such a

time in this life; it is certain that at death and judgment the

door will be shut. There must be not only a change of the way,

but a change of the mind. We must alter our judgments about

persons and things. It is not enough to break off from evil

practices, we must strive against evil thoughts. To repent is to

return to our Lord, against whom we have rebelled. If we do so,

God will multiply to pardon, as we have multiplied to offend.

But let none trifle with this plenteous mercy, or use it as an

occasion to sin. Men's thoughts concerning sin, Christ, and

holiness, concerning this world and the other, vastly differ

from God's; but in nothing more than in the matter of pardon. We

forgive, and cannot forget; but when God forgives sin, he

remembers it no more. The power of his word in the kingdoms of

providence and grace, is as certain as in that of nature. Sacred

truth produces a spiritual change in the mind of men, which

neither rain nor snow can make on the earth. It shall not return

to the Lord without producing important effects. If we take a

special view of the church, we shall find what great things God

has done, and will do for it. The Jews shall come to their own

land; this shall represent the blessings promised. Gospel grace

will make a great change in men. Delivered from the wrath to

come, the converted sinner finds peace in his conscience; and

love constrains him to devote himself to the service of his

Redeemer. Instead of being profane, contentious, selfish, or

sensual, behold him patient, humble, kind, and peaceable. The

hope of helping in such a work should urge us to spread the

gospel of salvation. And do thou help us, O Spirit of all truth,

to have such views of the fulness, freeness, and greatness of

the rich mercy in Christ, as may remove from us all narrow views

of sovereign grace.

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