Isaiah 56

* A charge to keep the Divine precepts. (1,2) Blessings

promised. (3-8) Reproof to the careless watchmen, the teachers

and rulers of the Jews. (9-12)

1,2 The Lord tells us what are his expectations of duty from

us. Be honest and just in all dealings. Also strictly observe

the sabbath day. To have the blessing of God upon employments

all the week, make conscience of keeping the sabbath holy. Have

nothing to do with sin. Blessed is the man that keeps his hand

from all things displeasing to God and hurtful to his own soul.

Those who, through the Spirit, wait for the hope of

righteousness by faith, will be found walking in ways of holy

3-8 Unbelief often suggests things to discourage believers,

against which God has expressly guarded. Spiritual blessings are

unspeakably better than having sons and daughters; for children

are a care, and may prove a grief and shame, but the blessings

we partake of in God's house, are comforts which cannot be made

bitter. Those who love the Lord truly, will serve him

faithfully, and then his commandments are not grievous. Three

things are promised. Assistance: I will not only bid them

welcome, but incline them to come. Acceptance, and comfort:

though they came mourning to the house of prayer, they shall go

away rejoicing. They shall find ease by casting their cares and

burdens upon God. Many a sorrowful spirit has been made joyful

in the house of prayer. The Gentiles shall be one body with the

Jews, that, as Christ says, #Joh 10:16|, there may be one fold

and one Shepherd. Thanks be to God that none are separated from

him except by wilful sin and unbelief; and if we come to him, we

shall be accepted through the sacrifice of our great High

9-12 Desolating judgments are called for; and this severe

rebuke of the rulers and teachers of the Jewish church, is

applicable to other ages and places. It is bad with a people

when their shepherds slumber, and are eager after the world. Let

us pray the Great Shepherd to send us pastors after his own

heart, who will feed us with knowledge, that we may rejoice in

his holy name, and that believers may be daily added to the


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