Isaiah 62

* God's care of his church and people. (1-5) The office of

ministers in preaching the gospel. (6-9) Every hinderance shall

be removed from the way of salvation. (10-12)

1-5 The Son of God here assures his church of his unfailing

love, and his pleading for her under all trails and

difficulties. She shall be called by a new name, a pleasant

name, such as she was never called by before. The state of true

religion in the world, before the preaching of the gospel, no

man seemed to have any real concern for. God, by his grace, has

wrought that in his church, which makes her his delight. Let us

thence learn motives to holiness. If the Lord rejoices over us,

we should rejoice in his service.
6-9 God's professing people must be a praying people. He is not

displeased with us for being earnest, as men commonly are; he

bids us to cry after him, and give him no rest, #Lu 11:5,6|. It

is a sign that God is coming to a people in mercy, when he pours

out a spirit of prayer upon them. See how uncertain our

creature-comforts are. See also God's mercy in giving plenty,

and peace to enjoy it. Let us delight in attending the courts of

the Lord, that we may enjoy the consolations of his Spirit.
10-12 Way shall be made for Christ's salvation; all

difficulties shall be removed. He brings a reward of comfort and

peace with him; but a work of humiliation and reformation before

him; and they shall be called, The holy people, and, The

redeemed of the Lord. Holiness puts honour and beauty upon any

place or person, makes them admired, beloved, and sought after.

Many events may have been part fulfilments of this, as earnests

of more glorious times yet to come. The close connexion between

the blessedness of the Jews and of the Gentiles, runs through

the Scriptures. The Lord Jesus will complete his work, and he

never will forsake one whom he has redeemed and sanctified.

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