Jeremiah 10

* The absurdity of idolatry. (1-16) Destruction denounced

against Jerusalem. (17-25)

1-16 The prophet shows the glory of Israel's God, and exposes

the folly of idolaters. Charms and other attempts to obtain

supernatural help, or to pry into futurity, are copied from the

wicked customs of the heathen. Let us stand in awe, and not dare

provoke God, by giving that glory to another which is due to him

alone. He is ready to forgive, and save all who repent and

believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ. Faith learns these

blessed truths from the word of God; but all knowledge not from

that source, leads to doctrines of vanity.
17-25 The Jews who continued in their own land, felt secure.

But, sooner or later, sinners will find all things as the word

of God has declared, and that its threatenings are not empty

terrors. Submission will support the believer under every grief

allotted to him; but what can render the load of Divine

vengeance easy to be borne by those who fall under it in sullen

despair? Those cannot expect to prosper, who do not, by faith

and prayer, take God with them in all their ways. The report of

the enemy's approach was very dreadful. Yet the designs which

men lay deep, and think well formed, are dashed to pieces in a

moment. Events are often overruled, so as to be quite contrary

to what we intended and expected. If the Lord has directed our

steps into the ways of peace and righteousness, let us entreat

him to enable us to walk therein. Say not, Lord, do not correct

me; but, Lord, do not correct me in anger. We may bear the smart

of God's rod, but we cannot bear the weight of his wrath. Those

who restrain prayer, prove that they know not God; for those who

know him will seek him, and seek his favour. If even severe

corrections lead sinners to be convinced of wholesome truths,

they will have abundant cause for gratitude. And they will then

humble themselves before the Lord.

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