Jeremiah 11

* The disobedient Jews reproved. (1-10) Their utter ruin.

(11-17) The people would be destroyed who sought the prophet's

life. (18-23)

1-10 God never promised to bestow blessings on his rational

creatures, while they persist in wilful disobedience. Pardon and

acceptance are promised freely to all believers; but no man can

be saved who does not obey the command of God to repent, to

believe in Christ, to separate from sin and the world, to choose

self-denial and newness of life. In general, men will hearken to

those who speak of doctrines, promises, and privileges; but when

duties are mentioned, they will not bend their ear.
11-17 Evil pursues sinners, and entangles them in snares, out

of which they cannot free themselves. Now, in their distress,

their many gods and many altars stand them in no stead. And

those whose own prayers will not be heard, cannot expect benefit

from the prayers of others. Their profession of religion shall

prove of no use. When trouble came upon them, they made this

their confidence, but God has rejected it. His altar shall yield

them no satisfaction. The remembrance of God's former favours to

them shall be no comfort under troubles; and his remembrance of

them shall be no argument for their relief. Every sin against

the Lord is a sin against ourselves, and so it will be found

sooner or later.
18-23 The prophet Jeremiah tells much concerning himself, the

times he lived in being very troublesome. Those of his own city

plotted how they might cause his death. They thought to end his

days, but he outlived most of his enemies; they thought to blast

his memory, but it lives to this day, and will be blessed while

time lasts. God knows all the secret designs of his and his

people's enemies, and can, when he pleases, make them known.

God's justice is a terror to the wicked, but a comfort to the

godly. When we are wronged, we have a God to commit our cause

to, and it is our duty to commit it to him. We should also look

well to our own spirits, that we are not overcome with evil, but

that by patient continuance in praying for our enemies, and in

kindness to them, we may overcome evil with good.

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