Jeremiah 16

* Prohibitions given to the prophet. (1-9) The justice of God in

these judgments. (10-13) Future restoration of the Jews, and the

conversion of the Gentiles. (14-21)1-9 The prophet must conduct himself as one who expected to see

his country ruined very shortly. In the prospect of sad times,

he is to abstain from marriage, mourning for the dead, and

pleasure. Those who would convince others of the truths of God,

must make it appear by their self-denial, that they believe it

themselves. Peace, inward and outward, family and public, is

wholly the work of God, and from his loving-kindness and mercy.

When He takes his peace from any people, distress must follow.

There may be times when it is proper to avoid things otherwise

our duty; and we should always sit loose to the pleasures and

concerns of this life.
10-13 Here seems to be the language of those who quarrel at the

word of God, and instead of humbling and condemning themselves,

justify themselves, as though God did them wrong. A plain and

full answer is given. They were more obstinate in sin than their

fathers, walking every one after the devices of his heart. Since

they will not hearken, they shall be hurried away into a far

country, a land they know not. If they had God's favour, that

would make even the land of their captivity pleasant.
14-21 The restoration from the Babylonish captivity would be

remembered in place of the deliverance from Egypt; it also

typified spiritual redemption, and the future deliverance of the

church from antichristian oppression. But none of the sins of

sinners can be hidden from God, or shall be overlooked by him.

He will find out and raise up instruments of his wrath, that

shall destroy the Jews, by fraud like fishers, by force like

hunters. The prophet, rejoicing at the hope of mercy to come,

addressed the Lord as his strength and refuge. The deliverance

out of captivity shall be a figure of the great salvation to be

wrought by the Messiah. The nations have often known the power

of Jehovah in his wrath; but they shall know him as the strength

of his people, and their refuge in time of trouble.

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