Jeremiah 21

* The only way of deliverance is to be surrendering to the

Babylonians. (1-10) The wickedness of the king and his

household. (11-14)

1-10 When the siege had begun, Zedekiah sent to ask of Jeremiah

respecting the event. In times of distress and danger, men often

seek those to counsel and pray for them, whom, at other times,

they despise and oppose; but they only seek deliverance from

punishment. When professors continue in disobedience, presuming

upon outward privileges, let them be told that the Lord will

prosper his open enemies against them. As the king and his

princes would not surrender, the people are exhorted to do so.

No sinner on earth is left without a Refuge, who really desires

one; but the way of life is humbling, it requires self-denial,

and exposes to difficulties.
11-14 The wickedness of the king and his family was the worse

because of their relation to David. They were urged to act with

justice, at once, lest the Lord's anger should be unquenchable.

If God be for us, who can be against us? But if he be against

us, who can do any thing for us?

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