Jeremiah 25

* The Jews rebuked for not obeying calls to repentance. (1-7)

Their captivity during seventy years is expressly foretold.

(8-14) Desolations upon the nations shown by the emblem of a cup

of wrath. (15-29) The judgments again declared. (30-38)

1-7 The call to turn from evil ways to the worship and service

of God, and for sinners to trust in Christ, and partake of his

salvation, concerns all men. God keeps an account how long we

possess the means of grace; and the longer we have them, the

heavier will our account be if we have not improved them. Rising

early, points out the earnest desire that this people should

turn and live. Personal and particular reformation must be

insisted on as necessary to a national deliverance; and every

one must turn from his own evil way. Yet all was to no purpose.

They would not take the right and only method to turn away the

wrath of God.
8-14 The fixing of the time during which the Jewish captivity

should last, would not only confirm the prophecy, but also

comfort the people of God, and encourage faith and prayer. The

ruin of Babylon is foretold: the rod will be thrown into the

fire when the correcting work is done. When the set time to

favour Zion is come, Babylon shall be punished for their

iniquity, as other nations have been punished for their sins.

Every threatening of the Scripture will certainly be

15-29 The evil and the good events of life are often

represented in Scripture as cups. Under this figure is

represented the desolation then coming upon that part of the

world, of which Nebuchadnezzar, who had just began to reign and

act, was to be the instrument; but this destroying sword would

come from the hand of God. The desolations the sword should make

in all these kingdoms, are represented by the consequences of

excessive drinking. This may make us loathe the sin of

drunkenness, that the consequences of it are used to set forth

such a woful condition. Drunkenness deprives men of the use of

their reason, makes men as mad. It takes from them the valuable

blessing, health; and is a sin which is its own punishment. This

may also make us dread the judgments of war. It soon fills a

nation with confusion. They will refuse to take the cup at thy

hand. They will not believe Jeremiah; but he must tell them it

is the word of the Lord of hosts, and it is in vain for them to

struggle against Almighty power. And if God's judgments begin

with backsliding professors, let not the wicked expect to

30-38 The Lord has just ground of controversy with every nation

and every person; and he will execute judgment on all the

wicked. Who can avoid trembling when God speaks in displeasure?

The days are fully come; the time fixed in the Divine counsels,

which will make the nations wholly desolate. The tender and

delicate shall share the common calamity. Even those who used to

live in peace, and did nothing to provoke, shall not escape.

Blessed be God, there is a peaceable habitation above, for all

the sons of peace. The Lord will preserve his church and all

believers in all changes; for nothing can separate them from his


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