Jeremiah 26

* The destruction of the temple and city foretold. (1-6)

Jeremiah's life is threatened. (7-15) He is defended by the

elders. (16-24)

1-6 God's ambassadors must not seek to please men, or to save

themselves from harm. See how God waits to be gracious. If they

persisted in disobedience, it would ruin their city and temple.

Can any thing else be expected? Those who will not be subject to

the commands of God, make themselves subject to the curse of

7-15 The priests and prophets charged Jeremiah as deserving

death, and bore false witness against him. The elders of Israel

came to inquire into this matter. Jeremiah declares that the

Lord sent him to prophesy thus. As long as ministers keep close

to the word they have from God, they need not fear. And those

are very unjust who complain of ministers for preaching of hell

and damnation; for it is from a desire to bring them to heaven

and salvation. Jeremiah warns them of their danger if they go on

against him. All men may know, that to hurt, or put to death, or

to show hatred to their faithful reprovers, will hasten and

increase their own punishment.
16-24 When secure sinners are threatened with taking away the

Spirit of God, and the kingdom of God, it is what is warranted

from the word of God. Hezekiah who protected Micah, prospered.

Did Jehoiakim, who slew Urijah, prosper? The examples of bad

men, and the bad consequences of their sins, should deter from

what is evil. Urijah was faithful in delivering his message, but

faulty in leaving his work. And the Lord was pleased to permit

him to lose his life, while Jeremiah was protected in danger.

Those are safest who most simply trust in the Lord, whatever

their outward circumstances may be; and that He has all men's

hearts in his hands, encourages us to trust him in the way of

duty. He will honour and recompense those who show kindness to

such as are persecuted for his sake.

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