Jeremiah 33

* The restoration of the Jews. (1-13) The Messiah promised;

happiness of his times. (14-26)

1-13 Those who expect to receive comforts from God, must call

upon him. Promises are given, not to do away, but to quicken and

encourage prayer. These promises lead us to the gospel of

Christ; and in that God has revealed truth to direct us, and

peace to make us easy. All who by sanctifying grace are cleansed

from the filth of sin, by pardoning mercy are freed from the

guilt. When sinners are thus justified, washed, and sanctified

in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Holy Spirit, they are

enabled to walk before God in peace and purity. Many are led to

perceive the real difference between the people of God and the

world around them, and to fear the Divine wrath. It is promised

that the people who were long in sorrow, shall again be filled

with joy. Where the Lord gives righteousness and peace, he will

give all needful supplies for temporal wants; and all we have

will be comforts, as sanctified by the word and by prayer.
14-26 To crown the blessings God has in store, here is a

promise of the Messiah. He imparts righteousness to his church,

for he is made of God to us righteousness; and believers are

made the righteousness of God in him. Christ is our Lord God,

our righteousness, our sanctification, and our redemption. His

kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. But in this world prosperity

and adversity succeed each other, as light and darkness, day and

night. The covenant of priesthood shall be secured. And all true

believers are a holy priesthood, a royal priesthood, they offer

up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God; themselves, in the

first place, as living sacrifices. The promises of that covenant

shall have full accomplishment in the gospel Israel. In #Ga

6:16|, all that walk according to the gospel rule, are made to

be the Israel of God, on whom shall be peace and mercy. Let us

not despise the families which were of old the chosen people of

God, though for a time they seem to be cast off.

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