Jeremiah 39

* The taking of Jerusalem. (1-10) Jeremiah used well. (11-14)

Promises of safety to Ebed-melech. (15-18)

1-10 Jerusalem was so strong, that the inhabitants believed the

enemy could never enter it. But sin provoked God to withdraw his

protection, and then it was as weak as other cities. Zedekiah

had his eyes put out; so he was condemned to darkness who had

shut his eyes against the clear light of God's word. Those who

will not believe God's words, will be convinced by the event.

Observe the wonderful changes of Providence, how uncertain are

earthly possessions; and see the just dealings of Providence:

but whether the Lord makes men poor or rich, nothing will profit

them while they cleave to their sins.
11-14 The servants of God alone are prepared for all events;

and they are delivered and comforted, while the wicked suffer.

They often meet with more kindness from the profane, than from

hypocritical professors of godliness. The Lord will raise them

up friends, do them good, and perform all his promises.
15-18 Here is a message to assure Ebed-melech of a recompence

for his great kindness to Jeremiah. Because thou hast put thy

trust in me, saith the Lord. God recompenses men's services

according to their principles. Those who trust God in the way of

duty, as this good man did, will find that their hope shall not

fail in times of the greatest danger.

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