Jeremiah 43

* The leaders carry the people to Egypt. (1-7) Jeremiah

foretells the conquest of Egypt. (8-13)

1-7 Only by pride comes contention, both with God and man. They

preferred their own wisdom to the revealed will of God. Men deny

the Scriptures to be the word of God, because they are resolved

not to conform themselves to Scripture rules. When men will

persist in sin, they charge the best actions to bad motives.

These Jews deserted their own land, and threw themselves out of

God's protection. It is the folly of men, that they often ruin

themselves by wrong endeavours to mend their situation.
8-13 God can find his people wherever they are. The Spirit of

prophecy was not confined to the land of Israel. It is foretold

that Nebuchadnezzar should destroy and carry into captivity many

of the Egyptians. Thus God makes one wicked man, or wicked

nation, a scourge and plague to another. He will punish those

who deceive his professing people, or tempt them to rebellion.

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