Jeremiah 46

* The defeat of the Egyptians. (1-12) Their overthrow after the

siege of Tyre. (13-26) A promise of comfort to the Jews. (27,28)

1-12 The whole word of God is against those who obey not the

gospel of Christ; but it is for those, even of the Gentiles, who

turn to Him. The prophecy begins with Egypt. Let them strengthen

themselves with all the art and interest they have, yet it shall

be all in vain. The wounds God inflicts on his enemies, cannot

be healed by medicines. Power and prosperity soon pass from one

to another in this changing world.
13-28 Those who encroached on others, shall now be themselves

encroached on. Egypt is now like a very fair heifer, not

accustomed to the yoke of subjection; but destruction comes out

of the north: the Chaldeans shall come. Comfort and peace are

spoken to the Israel of God, designed to encourage them when the

judgments of God were abroad among the nations. He will be with

them, and only correct them in measure; and will not punish them

with everlasting destruction from his presence.

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