Jeremiah 47

* Prophecies against Moab for pride and security. (1-13) For

carnal confidence and contempt of God. (14-47)

#1-13. The Chaldeans are to destroy the Moabites. We should be

thankful that we are required to seek the salvation of men's

lives, and the salvation of their souls, not to shed their

blood; but we shall be the more without excuse if we do this

pleasant work deceitfully. The cities shall be laid in ruins,

and the country shall be wasted. There will be great sorrow.

There will be great hurry. If any could give wings to sinners,

still they could not fly out of the reach of Divine indignation.

There are many who persist in unrepented iniquity, yet long

enjoy outward prosperity. They had been long corrupt and

unreformed, secure and sensual in prosperity. They have no

changes of their peace and prosperity, therefore their hearts

and lives are unchanged, #Ps 55:19|.
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