Jeremiah 51

* Babylon's doom; God's controversy with her; encouragements

from thence to the Israel of God. (1-58) The confirming of this.


1-58 The particulars of this prophecy are dispersed and

interwoven, and the same things left and returned to again.

Babylon is abundant in treasures, yet neither her waters nor her

wealth shall secure her. Destruction comes when they did not

think of it. Wherever we are, in the greatest depths, at the

greatest distances, we are to remember the Lord our God; and in

the times of the greatest fears and hopes, it is most needful to

remember the Lord. The feeling excited by Babylon's fall is the

same with the New Testament Babylon, #Re 18:9,19|. The ruin of

all who support idolatry, infidelity, and superstition, is

needful for the revival of true godliness; and the threatening

prophecies of Scripture yield comfort in this view. The great

seat of antichristian tyranny, idolatry, and superstition, the

persecutor of true Christians, is as certainly doomed to

destruction as ancient Babylon. Then will vast multitudes mourn

for sin, and seek the Lord. Then will the lost sheep of the

house of Israel be brought back to the fold of the good

Shepherd, and stray no more. And the exact fulfilment of these

ancient prophecies encourages us to faith in all the promises

and prophecies of the sacred Scriptures.
59-64 This prophecy is sent to Babylon, to the captives there,

by Seraiah, who is to read it to his countrymen in captivity.

Let them with faith see the end of these threatening powers, and

comfort themselves herewith. When we see what this world is, how

glittering its shows, and how flattering its proposals, let us

read in the book of the Lord that it shall shortly be desolate.

The book must be thrown into the river Euphrates. The fall of

the New Testament Babylon is thus represented, #Re 18:21|. Those

that sink under the weight of God's wrath and curse, sink for

ever. Babylon, and every antichrist, will soon sink and rise no

more for ever. Let us hope in God's word, and quietly wait for

his salvation; then we shall see, but shall not share, the

destruction of the wicked.

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