Jeremiah 52

* The fate of Zedekiah. (1-11) The destruction of Jerusalem.

(12-23) The captivities. (24-30) The advancement of Jehoiachin.


1-11 This fruit of sin we should pray against above any thing;

Cast me not away from thy presence, #Ps 51:11|. None are cast

out of God's presence but those who by sin have first thrown

themselves out. Zedekiah's flight was in vain, for there is no

escaping the judgments of God; they come upon the sinner, and

overtake him, let him flee where he will.
12-23 The Chaldean army made woful havoc. But nothing is so

particularly related here, as the carrying away of the articles

in the temple. The remembrance of their beauty and value shows

us the more the evil of sin.
24-30 The leaders of the Jews caused them to err; but now they

are, in particular, made monuments of Divine justice. Here is an

account of two earlier captivities. This people often were

wonders both of judgment and mercy.
31-34 See this history of king Jehoiachin in #2Ki 25:27-30|.

Those under oppression will find it is not in vain for them to

hope and quietly to wait for the salvation of the Lord. Our

times are in God's hand, for the hearts of all we have to deal

with are so. May we be enabled, more and more, to rest on the

Rock of Ages, and to look forward with holy faith to that hour,

when the Lord will bring again Zion, and overthrow all the

enemies of the church.
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