Jeremiah 6

* The invasion of Judea. (1-8) The justice of God's proceedings.

(9-17) All methods used to amend them had been without success.


1-8 Whatever methods are used, it is vain to contend with God's

judgments. The more we indulge in the pleasures of this life,

the more we unfit ourselves for the troubles of this life. The

Chaldean army shall break in upon the land of Judah, and in a

little time devour all. The day is coming, when those careless

and secure in sinful ways will be visited. It is folly to trifle

when we have eternal salvation to work out, and the enemies of

that salvation to fight against. But they were thus eager, not

that they might fulfil God's counsels, but that they might fill

their own treasures; yet God thereby served his own purposes.

The corrupt heart of man, in its natural state, casts out evil

thoughts, just as a fountain casts out her waters. It is always

flowing, yet always full. The God of mercy is loth to depart

even from a provoking people, and is earnest with them, that by

repentance and reformation, they may prevent things from coming

to extremity.
9-17 When the Lord arises to take vengeance, no sinners of any

age or rank, or of either sex escape. They were set upon the

world, and wholly carried away by the love of it. If we judge of

this sin by God's word, we find multitudes in every station and

rank given up to it. Those are to be reckoned our worst and most

dangerous enemies, who flatter us in a sinful way. Oh that men

would be wise for their souls! Ask for the old paths; the way of

godliness and righteousness has always been the way God has

owned and blessed. Ask for the old paths set forth by the

written word of God. When you have found the good way, go on in

it, you will find abundant recompence at your journey's end. But

if men will not obey the voice of God and flee to his appointed

Refuge, it will plainly appear at the day of judgment, that they

are ruined because they reject God's word.
18-30 God rejects their outward services, as worthless to atone

for their sins. Sacrifice and incense were to direct them to a

Mediator; but when offered to purchase a license to go on in

sin, they provoke God. The sins of God's professing people make

them an easy prey to their enemies. They dare not show

themselves. Saints may rejoice in hope of God's mercies, though

they see them only in the promise: sinners must mourn for fear

of God's judgments, though they see them only in the

threatenings. They are the worst of revolters, and are all

corrupters. Sinners soon become tempters. They are compared to

ore supposed to have good metal in it, but which proves all

dross. Nothing will prevail to part between them and their sins.

Reprobate silver shall they be called, useless and worthless.

When warnings, corrections, rebukes, and all means of grace,

leave men unrenewed, they will be left, as rejected of God, to

everlasting misery. Let us pray, then, that we may be refined by

the Lord, as silver is refined.

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