Jeremiah 7

* Confidence in the temple is vain. (1-16) The provocation by

persisting in idolatry. (17-20) God justifies his dealings with

them. (21-28) And threatens vengeance. (29-34)

1-16 No observances, professions, or supposed revelations, will

profit, if men do not amend their ways and their doings. None

can claim an interest in free salvation, who allow themselves in

the practice of known sin, or live in the neglect of known duty.

They thought that the temple they profaned would be their

protection. But all who continue in sin because grace has

abounded, or that grace may abound, make Christ the minister of

sin; and the cross of Christ, rightly understood, forms the most

effectual remedy to such poisonous sentiments. The Son of God

gave himself for our transgressions, to show the excellence of

the Divine law, and the evil of sin. Never let us think we may

do wickedness without suffering for it.
17-20 The Jews took pride in showing zeal for their idols. Let

us learn to be earnest in the service of our God, even from this

bad example. Let us think it an honour to be employed in any

work for God. Let us be as diligent ourselves, and as careful to

teach our children the truths of God, as many are to teach the

mysteries of iniquity. The direct tendency of this sin is malice

against God, but it will hurt themselves. And they shall find

there is no escaping. God's wrath is fire unquenchable.
21-28 God shows that obedience was required of them. That which

God commanded was, Hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord

thy God. The promise is very encouraging. Let God's will be

your rule, and his favour shall be your happiness. God was

displeased with disobedience. We understand the gospel as little

as the Jews understood the law, if we think that even the

sacrifice of Christ lessens our obligation to obey.
29-34 In token both of sorrow and of slavery, Jerusalem must be

degraded, and separated from God, as she had been separated to

him. The heart is the place in which God has chosen to put his

name; but if sin has the innermost and uppermost place there, we

pollute the temple of the Lord. The destruction of Jerusalem

appears here very terrible. The slain shall be many; they having

made it the place of their sin. Evil pursues sinners, even after

death. Those who will not, by the grace of God, be cured of vain

mirth, shall, by the justice of God, be deprived of all mirth.

How many ruin their health and property without complaining,

when engaged in Satan's service! May we learn to relish holy

joys, and to sit loose to all others though lawful.

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