Job 15

* Eliphaz reproves Job. (1-16) The unquietness of wicked men.


1-16 Eliphaz begins a second attack upon Job, instead of being

softened by his complaints. He unjustly charges Job with casting

off the fear of God, and all regard to him, and restraining

prayer. See in what religion is summed up, fearing God, and

praying to him; the former the most needful principle, the

latter the most needful practice. Eliphaz charges Job with

self-conceit. He charges him with contempt of the counsels and

comforts given him by his friends. We are apt to think that

which we ourselves say is important, when others, with reason,

think little of it. He charges him with opposition to God.

Eliphaz ought not to have put harsh constructions upon the words

of one well known for piety, and now in temptation. It is plain

that these disputants were deeply convinced of the doctrine of

original sin, and the total depravity of human nature. Shall we

not admire the patience of God in bearing with us? and still

more his love to us in the redemption of Christ Jesus his

beloved Son?
17-35 Eliphaz maintains that the wicked are certainly

miserable: whence he would infer, that the miserable are

certainly wicked, and therefore Job was so. But because many of

God's people have prospered in this world, it does not therefore

follow that those who are crossed and made poor, as Job, are not

God's people. Eliphaz shows also that wicked people,

particularly oppressors, are subject to continual terror, live

very uncomfortably, and perish very miserably. Will the

prosperity of presumptuous sinners end miserably as here

described? Then let the mischiefs which befal others, be our

warnings. Though no chastening for the present seemeth to be

joyous, but grievous, nevertheless, afterward it yieldeth the

peaceable fruits of righteousness to them that are exercised

thereby. No calamity, no trouble, however heavy, however severe,

can rob a follower of the Lord of his favour. What shall

separate him from the love of Christ?

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