Joshua 1

** Here is the history of Israel's passing into the land of

Canaan, conquering and dividing it, under the command of Joshua,

and their history until his death. The power and truth of God in

fulfilling his promises to Israel, and in executing his justly

threatened vengeance on the Canaanites, are wonderfully

displayed. This should teach us to regard the tremendous curses

denounced in the word of God against impenitent sinners, and to

seek refuge in Christ Jesus.

* The Lord appoints Joshua to succeed Moses. (1-4) God promises

to assist Joshua. (5-9) Preparation to pass over Jordan. (10-15)

The people promise to obey Joshua. (16-18)

1-4 Joshua had attended upon Moses. He who was called to

honour, had been long used to business. Our Lord Jesus took upon

him the form of a servant. Joshua was trained up under command.

Those are fittest to rule, who have learned to obey. The removal

of useful men should quicken survivors to be the more diligent

in doing good. Arise, go over Jordan. At this place and at this

time the banks were overflowed. Joshua had no bridge or boats,

and yet he must believe that God, having ordered the people

over, would open a way.
5-9 Joshua is to make the law of God his rule. He is charged to

meditate therein day and night, that he might understand it.

Whatever affairs of this world we have to mind, we must not

neglect the one thing needful. All his orders to the people, and

his judgments, must be according to the law of God. Joshua must

himself be under command; no man's dignity or dominion sets him

above the law of God. He is to encourage himself with the

promise and presence of God. Let not the sense of thine own

infirmities dishearten thee; God is all-sufficient. I have

commanded, called, and commissioned thee to do it, and will be

sure to bear thee out in it. When we are in the way of duty, we

have reason to be strong and very bold. Our Lord Jesus, as

Joshua here, was borne up under his sufferings by a regard to

the will of God, and the commandment from his Father.
10-15 Joshua says to the people, Ye shall pass over Jordan, and

shall possess the land; because God had said so to him. We

honour the truth of God, when we stagger not at the promise of

God. The two tribes and a half were to go over Jordan with their

brethren. When God, by his providence, has given us rest, we

ought to consider what service we may do to our brethren.
16-18 The people of Israel engage to obey Joshua; All that thou

commandest us to do we will readily do, without murmuring or

disputing, and whithersoever thou sendest us we will go. The

best we can ask of God for our magistrates, is, that they may

have the presence of God; that will make them blessings to us,

so that in seeking this for them, we consult our own interest.

May we be enabled to enlist under the banner of the Captain of

our salvation, to be obedient to his commands, and to fight the

good fight of faith, with all that trust in and love his name,

against all who oppose his authority; for whoever refuses to

obey him must be destroyed.

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