Joshua 11

* Divers kings overcome at the waters of Merom. (1-9) Hazor is

taken and burned. (10-14) All that country subdued, The Anakims

cut off. (15-23)

1-9 The wonders God wrought for the Israelites were to

encourage them to act vigorously themselves. Thus the war

against Satan's kingdom, carried on by preaching the gospel, was

at first forwarded by miracles; but being fully proved to be of

God, we are now left to the Divine grace in the usual course, in

the use of the sword of the Spirit. God encouraged Joshua. Fresh

dangers and difficulties make it necessary to seek fresh

supports from the word of God, which we have nigh unto us for

use in every time of need. God proportions our trials to our

strength, and our strength to our trials. Joshua's obedience in

destroying the horses and chariots, shows his self-denial in

compliance with God's command. The possession of things on which

the carnal heart is prone to depend, is hurtful to the life of

faith, and the walk with God; therefore it is better to be

without worldly advantages, than to have the soul endangered by

10-14 The Canaanites filled up the measure of their iniquity,

and were, as a judgment, left to the pride, obstinacy, and

enmity of their hearts, and to the power of Satan; all

restraints being withdrawn, while the dispensations of

Providence tended to drive them to despair. They brought on

themselves the vengeance they justly merited, of which the

Israelites were to be executioners, by the command the Lord gave

to Moses.
15-23 Never let the sons of Anak be a terror to the Israel of

God, for their day to fall will come. The land rested from war.

It ended not in a peace with the Canaanites, that was forbidden,

but in a peace from them. There is a rest, a rest from war,

remaining for the people of God, into which they shall enter,

when their warfare is accomplished. That which was now done, is

compared with what had been said to Moses. God's word and his

works, if viewed together, will be found mutually to set each

other forth. If we make conscience of our duty, we need not

question the performance of the promise. But the believer must

never put off his armour, or expect lasting peace, till he

closes his eyes in death; nay, as his strength and usefulness

increase, he may expect more heavy trials; yet the Lord will not

permit any enemies to assault the believer till he has prepared

him for the battle. Christ Jesus ever lives to plead for his

people, and their faith shall not fail, however Satan may be

permitted to assault them. And however tedious, sharp, and

difficult the believer's warfare, his patience in tribulation

may be encouraged by the joyfulness of hope; for he will, ere

long, rest from sin and from sorrow in the Canaan above.

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