Joshua 12

* The two kings conquered by Moses. (1-6) The kings whom Joshua

smote. (7-24)

1-6 Fresh mercies must not drown the remembrance of former

mercies, nor must the glory of the present instruments of good

to the church diminish the just honour of those who went before

them, since God is the same who wrought by both. Moses gave to

one part of Israel a very rich and fruitful country, but it was

on the outside of Jordan. Joshua gave to all Israel the holy

land, within Jordan. So the law has given to some few of God's

spiritual Israel worldly blessings, earnests of good things to

come; but our Lord Jesus, the true Joshua, provided for all the

children of promise spiritual blessings, and the heavenly

7-24 We have here the limits of the country Joshua conquered. A

list is given of the kings subdued by Israel: thirty-one in all.

This shows how fruitful Canaan then was, in which so many chose

to throng together. This was the land God appointed for Israel;

yet in our day it is one of the most barren and unprofitable

countries in the world. Such is the effect of the curse it lies

under, since its possessors rejected Christ and his gospel, as

was foretold by Moses, #De 29:23|. The vengeance of a righteous

God, inflicted on all these kings and their subjects, for their

wickedness, should make us dread and hate sin. The fruitful land

bestowed on his chosen people, should fill our hearts with hope

and confidence in his mercy, and with humble gratitude.

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