Joshua 14

* The nine tribes and a half to have their inheritance. (1-5)

Caleb obtains Hebron. (6-15)

1-5 The Israelites must occupy the new conquests. Canaan would

have been subdued in vain, if it had not been inhabited. Yet

every man might not go and settle where he pleased. God shall

choose our inheritance for us. Let us survey our heritage of

present mercy, our prospect for the land of promise, eternal in

the heavens. Is God any respecter of persons? Is it not better

that our place, as to earthly good or sorrow, should be

determined by the infinite wisdom of our heavenly Father, than

by our own ignorance? Should not those for whom the great

mystery of godliness was exhibited, those whose redemption was

purchased by Jesus Christ, thankfully refer their earthly

concerns to his appointment?
6-15 Caleb's request is, "Give me this mountain," or Hebron,

because it was formerly in God's promise to him, and he would

let Israel knows how much he valued the promise. Those who live

by faith value that which is given by God's promise, far above

what is given by his providence only. It was now in the Anakims'

possession, and Caleb would let Israel know how little he feared

the enemy, and that he would encourage them to push on their

conquests. Caleb answered to his name, which signifies "all

heart." Hebron was settled on Caleb and his heirs, because he

wholly followed the Lord God of Israel. Happy are we if we

follow him. Singular piety shall be crowned with singular


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