Joshua 19

* The lot of Simeon. (1-9) The lot of Zebulun. (10-16) The lot

of Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, and Dan. (17-51)

1-9 The men of Judah did not oppose taking away the cities

within their border, when convinced that they had more than was

right. If a true believer has obtained an unintended and

improper advantage in any thing, he will give it up without

murmuring. Love seeketh not her own, and doth not behave

unseemly; it will induce those in whom it richly dwells, to part

with their own to supply what is lacking to their brethren.
10-16 In the division to each tribe of Israel, the prophetic

blessings of Jacob were fulfilled. They chose for themselves, or

it was divided to them by lot, in the manner and places that he

foresaw. So sure a rule to go by is the word of prophecy: we see

by it what to believe, and it proves beyond all dispute the

things that are of God.
17-51 Joshua waited till all the tribes were settled, before he

asked any provision for himself. He was content to be unfixed,

till he saw them all placed, and herein is an example to all in

public places, to prefer the common welfare before private

advantage. Those who labour most to do good to others, seek an

inheritance in the Canaan above: but it will be soon enough to

enter thereon, when they have done all the service to their

brethren of which they are capable. Nor can any thing more

effectually assure them of their title to it, than endeavouring

to bring others to desire, to seek, and to obtain it. Our Lord

Jesus came and dwelt on earth, not in pomp but poverty,

providing rest for man, yet himself not having where to lay his

head; for Christ pleased not himself. Nor would he enter upon

his inheritance, till by his obedience to death he secured the

eternal inheritance for all his people; nor will he account his

own glory completed, till every ransomed sinner is put in

possession of his heavenly rest.

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