Joshua 4

* Stones taken out of Jordan. (1-9) The people pass through

Jordan. (10-19) The twelve stones placed in Gilgal. (20-24)

1-9 The works of the Lord are so worthy of rememberance, and

the heart of man is so prone to forget them, that various

methods are needful to refresh our memories, for the glory of

God, our advantage, and that of our children. God gave orders

for preparing this memorial.
10-19 The priests with the ark did not stir till ordered to

move. Let none be weary of waiting, while they have the tokens

of God's presence with them, even the ark of the covenant,

though it be in the depths of adversity. Notice is taken of the

honour put upon Joshua. Those are feared in the best manner, and

to the best purpose, who make it appear that God is with them,

and that they set him before them.
20-24 It is the duty of parents to tell their children betimes

of the words and works of God, that they may be trained up in

the way they should go. In all the instruction parents give

their children, they should teach them to fear God. Serious

godliness is the best learning. Are we not called, as much as

the Israelites, to praise the loving-kindness of our God? Shall

we not raise a pillar to our God, who has brought us through

dangers and distresses in so wonderful a way? For hitherto the

Lord hath helped us, as much as he did his saints of old. How

great the stupidity and ingratitude of men, who perceive not His

hand, and will not acknowledge his goodness, in their frequent


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